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Ai Se Eu Te Pego

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Hit of summer 2011 popularized by brazilian singer Michel Telo. The footballers choreo to celebrate Ronaldo's goal did the buzz ! Official choreo see www.youtube.com

( the Ketchup song )

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pop song of the spanish group Las Ketchup, hit of summer 2002 in 26 countries. Video see www.youtube.com

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King Africa 2001 great to dance ! Choreo by the muppet on video see www.youtube.com
Can't stop the feeling

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Justin Timberlake 2016 clip see www.youtube.com
C'Cho ça brûle

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Magic System 2006 ivorian group coming from the Zouglou move. Huge success in France see www.youtube.com
Chicken (dance)

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Comic hit of the 80's (or Birdie song) known in more than 20 countries. The most sold single of the eighties in France ! See Choreo described on the wikipedia page.

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2003 DJ Bobo video see www.youtube.com

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This folkloric greek melody (Dirlanda) is the ideal song to make everybody dance. In 1993, the G.O. Culture version with house and techno became a huge hit in France. see www.youtube.com

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world wide success for the portoricans Luis Fonsi et Daddy Yankee on 2017 see video see www.youtube.com
Gangnam Style PSY

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Planetary success in 2012 with more than two billion views on You tube. The horse-riding dance is a comic dance making fun of bling-bling residents of the trendy district of Gangnam in Seoul. On the choreo PSY pretends to ride a horse, alternately holding the reins and spinning a lasso to catch a girl-friend, to strike a cool pose...

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The Pharell Williams clip made on 2013 for "Despicable me 2" became viral see www.youtube.com

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a beautifull cuban hit Camilo Cabello for a sexy summer 2017 see www.youtube.com
I will survive

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Famous disco hit first performed by Gloria Gaynor in1978 and retaken on 1998 by Hermes House Band. The song is frequently recalled as a symbol of female strength and as a gay anthem. Became also the French football team's hymn on 1998. Choreo see www.youtube.com
Je danse le Mia

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IAM 1994 video from Michel Gondry evoking nightclubbing in the 80's Marseille.
La camisa negra

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album mi sangre 2004 from the colombian singer Juanes. choreo see www.youtube.com

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BRAZIL How to dance Lambada Ultra sensual brazilian couple dance. Partners tightly intertwined, undulate hips and shoulders and put one knee between the partner's legs. Its music is part of the 10 tubes the most sold of all times.
Lambada dance had been influenced by Forro (brazilian 4 count dance ). It's danced with arched legs and folded knees, with a pronounced wave like hip-move. Moreover, the portugese word "lambada" means something like the wave of a whip. Steps are always on sides and never forwards/backwards.
Since the 80's this dance became universally famous with the Kaoma group sponsorized by Orangina drink. Traditionally danced with a (very) short flying skirt and brazilian ... Read next

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(choreo by Mia Frye). Macarena is the 1996 summer dance. The macarena song (rhythm 4/4) became the official song of Bill Clinton's campain on 96. Dancers stand on a line and execute the same arm moves (2 series of 8 moves so a total if 16 moves and then dancers make a quarter turn to the right and start again.
Choreo : Stretch out each arm, turn over each hand (palm upwards), cross arms, put hands behind the head, cross hands on the hips, put hands on the low back, then make a quarter turn with a hip-swing on the right and then restart... video see www.youtube.com
Magic in the air

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2014 again Magic System and their joie de vivre ! Choreo see www.youtube.com
Mwaka moon

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Kalash and Damso are on the moon ! 2017 Video see www.youtube.com

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2004 Aventura (video with Bachata dance) see Page of Dominican Republic dances. Video see www.youtube.com
Pata pata

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Miriam Makeba's hit (South Africa) remixed by Coumba Gawlo (Senegal). Choreo easy and funny. Pata pata dance is on 8 count with 2 series of 8 movements. see www.youtube.com
Sapés comme jamais

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2015 Another huge success in France for maitre Gims official clip see www.youtube.com
Soca dance

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After the huge success of Lambada on the precedent summer, french TVchannel TF1 launched Soca as the 1990 summer hit. A line of dancers move their pelvis the one behind the others in a suggestive way... Soca is a kind of fast Calypso, abreviation of Soul-Calypso, very popular at Trinity-and-Tobago.
Charles D Lewis
Tic Tic Tac

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from Carrapicho group, famous since 1996! Album Festa do boi bumba. The success of the title comes from the choreo, timed but very easy and convivial : dance as you like but everybody goes down while folding the knees when the song says tchikitchikitchac, with arms balancing through the air to the beat of tics and tacs.
This dance reminds of a traditional amazonian dance (of XVIIIth century) called boï bumba, portugese of "the ox and the tambourine". According to local folklore the boï bumba was the evocation of the death and the resurrection of an ox.

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Not really a hit but caused a lot of ink to flow. This spicy dance, popularized by the Hip-hop movement, is a variation of ivorian Mapouka and congolese Soukous. Miley Cyrus' outrageous "We can't stop" 2013.
Waka Waka (this time for Africa) Shakira

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2010 Soweto's opening concert of the world cup. Mixes afro-colombian rhythms and Soca. (See Soca Dance).
Bolivian folkloric dance waka waka (from spanish vaca meaning cow) evokes the setting up of spanish ox herds in Bolivia.
The settler and the torero are scoffed with their funny costumes and their ridiculous attitudes. Choreo see www.youtube.com

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Video of Nomads with a Mia Frye choreography (1998) shooted in the moroccan desert. Funny simplified choreo see www.youtube.com

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1978 easy choreo : Just watch and laugh! see www.youtube.com
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